How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Pregnancy for Healthy Babies:

How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Pregnancy for Healthy Babies:

While there are many studies about the effects of radiations from electronic devices, Yale school of Medicine researchers recently studied the effects of mobile phones on fetuses.

The shocking study finds out that pregnant women using mobile phones are more likely to give birth to children with behavioral problems. The radiations impact the fetal brain development and also cause hyperactivity.

According to RF Safe there are numerous reasons that women who are pregnant, or who are planning for pregnancy, should be aware of why expecting mothers are at more risk to cell phone radiation dangers.

During pregnancy, you talk over the phone, text; make appointments with your Gynecologist, research baby needs and more.

So, how does all the usage over the phone affect your growing baby? bother not! First get cell phone screen protector and learn how to apply in 3 easy steps.

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