Midwest Kpop Festival — testing

September 17, 2016: My first performance at Northrop with my MKDC family.

To be straightforward with you, I don’t know how the platform works so I am just trying it out by sharing my experience of when I danced in front of 1.4 thousand people!

I really like this picture

This was the second set I performed. It was a medley of five songs and actually the best song in my opinion! Nothing went wrong and I loved the energy the crowd gave because without them, I probably wouldn’t have given it my all. But once they started cheering, my confidence grew tremendously. I had terrible stage fright and I think after this event, I am a lot better now. I don’t feel as scared as I used to. Although speaking in front of my class still scares me somehow.


The lovely girls I danced with. So thankful for them. Although this isn’t everybody. :(

When you realize you didn’t get a picture with everyone you wanted to!