I want to be a UX:
Read, listen and …

So another post, a third one, will be oriented most on getting the knowledge in most various ways. The most crucial part of starting another career.

Basically reading is the number one way to get the knowledge for the beginning. But what I’ve discovered is that the number of information is so huge and it may seem like I am stuck in information overload. Finding the right information is pretty hard, so I am trying to stick to just few streams of information. So what I am following at the moment is an The ultimate guide to launching your UX career article by Jerry Cao.

During my studies there was a presentation I’ve prepared about emotions in design, mostly web design. I’ve used the most fundamental book by D. Norman Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things. Another fundamental book, I read nowadays is The Design of Everyday Things by the same well known author.

With my job, it is hard to find enough time for all of this, so I am trying to get most of my day in most various ways. So, listening to podcasts during my commute to and off the work, is just one of many. Here is a list of two podcasts I listen to: uxpodcast.com and ux-radio.com.

Read, listen and do. Yes, that’s the reason why I write this blog, but I do still miss a project I could work on in the meantime. I believe that this experience is incomparable to any number of read books or articles. Hopefully I could find a project i can finally work on and share something with you too.

What’s your opinion? Do you have favorite book or podcast? Or do you know about a project looking for someone interested in helping on the UX side?

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