Let’s talk about the criminal justice system
elizabeth tobey

This post seems to imply that this community conversation only pertains to USA people and organisations discussing USA criminal justice.

The criminal justice system in the USA absolutely needs to be discussed. Books like Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy” show how broken it is and how much good people struggle to reform it. It’s fine to choose only to focus on one area of the world, and especially the area where your offices are located.

But, at the least, the issue needs to be discussed in a global context. American trends with punishment (eg the privatisation of prisons, three strikes laws etc) has had far-reaching consequences with respect to the way other countries treat prisoners and those accused of crimes.

So I want to remind you that Medium has international readers and contributors; that the ethics of justice and the nature of crime is a global issue; to not make assumptions about where your community lives and to be clear and specific about the constraints you want to put on your discussion.

I look forward to seeing what happens here next week. Good luck with what is bound to be a really interesting project and new step for the publication.

(Also, I cringed at the use of “minimums” instead of “minima” but that’s my maths and pedantry showing.)

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