Just Worship

The Truth About the Aesthetic

At the beginning of this week I proposed that worship music was repetitive, simple, and that many find it boring.

I can’t lie; after about twelve choruses I tend to get bored sometimes, myself.

But The Spirit of The Lord has been speaking to me this week. I found a book at Books-A-Million on guitar theory. I picked it up because I wanted to study it to hopefully find an answer to my question. I still intend to read this book, by the way, because as an advocate for worship I want to be amazing at what I do so that I can glorify The Lord in amazing ways.

The answer to my previous observation isn’t one that I found in this book, though; The Lord told me himself:

Just worship.

Theory in General

I’ve begun reading my book. It’s called Idiot’s Guide: Guitar Theory (just in case you’re interested and want to get the book yourself).

I’ve only read the first couple of chapters, but what I’ve gathered so far is that there are a lot of different ways to play the same chords. There are scales and different feels to music.

Basically, God mapped all these beautiful sounds out from the very beginning and it’s a gift from Him.

Theory isn’t as complex nor as boring as people assume. So far it’s incredibly interesting.

Don’t Like It?

Don’t like worship music? Write your own worship songs. No one said that we have to worship God in a particular way, but it must be pleasing to Him. Otherwise, it’s not worship for Him, it’s worship for ourselves.

Like everything, there is a formula. There’s a formula for writing good music. I believe that many people who write worship songs have learned the best formula for crafting music that’s pleasing to God in a corporate setting, and that’s exactly what they do.

It’s for God, and God alone.

Like I said though, you can worship God in a way that you like to worship Him, as long as it’s pleasing to His ears.

Heart and Words

It says in the bible that we are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. What this basically means for us is that we are to worship not just with our words but with our hearts.

While it does matter to a certain extent what you say in your worship, it matters more where your heart is. When we align our hearts with God it’s truly worship.

Corporate Worship

The way we worship corporately can change, but it must still be in spirit and in truth. Just think about in the old days when they worshipped God with hymns. Now, there are many song writers and we worship in so many different ways.

What doesn’t change, though, is that we must worship in spirit and truth.

Do I see corporate worship changing very much anytime soon? Not really. But then again, it’s all part of God’s will not mine. I believe that it can be revolutionized though. Maybe in such a way that we don’t think of worship as a guy standing on stage leading the choir with an acoustic guitar and having a bunch of flashing lights.

These things are all great and have advanced worship production to glorify God on an even higher level, and I love it. But when we can think of worship as an alignment of the heart with God’s and not just a show or a song, then truly worship will be in complete spirit and truth.

Corporate worship is important, by the way. I’m not bashing corporate worship or the way that we worship or what we consider to be worship. But it’s not the song, it’s not the music, and it’s not the lights.

Without the music our heart can sing songs to the True Light, Jesus Christ. Without music, songs, and lights we can still worship. These are just tools for our vessels (hearts) to carry sweet praises to The Mighty Lord and King Jesus Christ.

So where do we go from here? We keep worshipping. But I challenge you to do something different. Next time you lift your hands or your voice, lift your heart.

And don’t just worship in the church setting. Worship in your day-to-day life by constantly aligning your heart with the sweet presence of The Lord as often as you possibly can.

Live your life in such a way that your heart always wants to worship The Lord.

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