All That You Need To Know About a Rotary Shaft Seal

Rotary Seals form one of the most crucial components of heavy-duty machinery that consists of rotating or oscillating parts. While many are aware of their existences, very few bother to understand the benefits they offer. Rotary Seals prevent lubrication from leaking out while the machine is in operation, thereby ensuring its long-term performance. These seals are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Applications of Rotary Shaft Seals

Apart from massive machinery parts, rotary seals can also be found in equipments that we come across on a regular basis. Modern-day roller skates consist of tiny rotary seals that are responsible for keeping the bearings in place while the wheels are moving. These seals keep the lubrication in place and at the same time prevent mud from getting in contact with the wheels.

Types of Rotary Seals Available

Standard Rotary Shaft Seals

These seals are primarily used as a sealing component in rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, gear boxes, etc. They are responsible for retaining the lubrication of the bearings.

Fabric Seals

A fabric seal is a flexible type of a rotary seal usually constructed out of cotton fabric. It consists of a spring loaded rubber sealing lip.

Heavy Duty Seals

Just like the name suggests, these seals are used for heavy duty rotary applications. Made out of metal, they are widely used in cement manufacturing and power industries.

High Pressure Rotary Seals

These are one of the toughest and can easily withstand high pressure applications. Therefore, they are mostly found in hydraulic pumps and power steering.

External Sealing Seals

An external sealing seal is used in applications where the shaft remains static but the housing rotates.

Customized Rotary Seals

There are chances you may not find a seal that rightly fits your machinery. In such cases, you can opt for a customized seal that is crafted based on the specifications of the machinery or the equipment that it will be fit onto.
The ones listed above are the most popular types of rotary seals currently being used widely in the manufacturing and other related industries.

How To Buy The Right Seal

Seals come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the material used may vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to be precise when selecting a seal. Get started by inspecting your machine. In case you are not quite familiar with the inspection process, you may want to call in an expert. Once you are aware of the specifications of the machine, you can then go ahead with the purchase.

Beware of fakes

Like every other product, rotary seals too are being duplicated. Refrain from opting for such fakes. Usually duplicate seals are much cheaper compared to their original counterparts. However, they wear out easily and even cause damage to the components of the machine they are fitted onto.

Buy Online

It would be wise to buy a rotary seal online, as most of the online retailers tend to offer a discount. Check out for seals at a reasonable price. The company deals with almost all types of seals.