Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

It was 1.3 million vote differential, not 2 million (http://www.cnn.com/election). Trump got 57% of the electoral votes and 60% of the states.

Clinton was a flawed candidate. Bernie probably would have lost as well. Martin O’Malley would have looked really normal compared to Trump and he had some valuable experience as mayor of Baltimore and gov of Maryland.

The American people understand that campaign promises are just that — promises. What they cannot accept is someone that lies. Clinton has been caught in lies from the reason for her name to the phantom sniper fire to her email server. It is not that people didn’t like her, it is that they didn’t trust her which is much worse.

So, we say goodbye to the Bush/Clinton era which lasted from 1980 until two weeks ago. The question for the Democratic party is was the political success of Obama due to his charisma and, if so, is there another candidate for 2020 that could rise to that level? Before Obama, the last time a Democrat won the white house with the popular vote was Jimmy Carter in 1976 when he got 50.1% of the votes

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