Part 1 — Nuclear Fusion

This is the first post in a series about how to tackle climate change. In this post, we’ll cover the challenges in nuclear fusion. We are a curious mix of nuclear engineers, AI and robotics engineers, energy and construction sector consultants, and startup founders who have sought to address this problem across our collective studies and projects at MIT, Stanford, EPFL, the Imperial College of London, and Oxford. We seek to clarify the confusion around nuclear power and to inspire action for entrepreneurs in our generation who seek to leave behind a legacy in this world.


The core of a tokamak, courtesy of…

In the Time of COVID-19

A brief video if you’re on the go and prefer video content :)

So it’s been a while and I know that I’ve been somewhat MIA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of this is because I’m in hibernation mode for a product that I’ll be launching in June, building a surprise for those of you who want to know more about Machine Learning.

However, the purpose of this article is to give you advice about how to stay productive as a data scientist, engineer, writer, or general person, during the time of COVID-19. Now, have you all ever felt like your days just melted away into one giant “blob?” Does Monday feel the same as a Saturday? Do you often look at the clock and realize that it’s almost 5pm, but it feels like minutes ago you started your day? Well, after reading through this article carefully, my goal is to make sure that you feel less of that “time slipping away” phenomenon, and more of the sense that you are taking back control of your own time. …

In under 10 minutes

Since tutorials are often easier to follow in real-time.

You may have heard about the hype surrounding AI. Maybe you’re a business leader or an aspiring student. Either way, you’ve probably seen the headlines claiming that ‘AI is on the rise,’ perched at a developmental crest and ready to subsume humans at work. Well, I’ll let you judge that decision for yourself. In this gentle introduction to building an applied chatbot, I show you the basic capabilities that any sensible individual can create, empowered only with tools provided by Dialogflow and Actions on Google.

So, what exactly *is* Dialogflow? The simple answer is this: to help people interact with technology in a more streamlined way. For example, let’s say that I asked my machine, “What coffee shops are open nearby me today?” For more traditional or hard coded systems, if the question wasn’t asked in exactly this manner, then the system would not be able to understand what you were saying. At least in English, there are several ways to convey the same “meaning” with different…

Building a Mindset for Mastery

If you’re more of an audiovisual person…

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well during this coronavirus shelter-in-place. I’m over in the Bay Area, and on this side of the States, we are pretty much still under strict orders to stay at home until the beginning of June. I’ve been cooped up for 8, almost 9 weeks now, and it’s been a great time to search inward.

An interesting 2005 research article, titled Retrospective Birth Dating of Cells in Humans, suggests that the majority of your cells are either renewed or reformed in 7 years ago. That would suggest that the person I was in 2013 is vastly different, on a cellular level, from who I am today. Now, this got me thinking about where I was in life 7 years ago, which was right in the middle of my undergrad life at MIT. And it got me thinking…. There were about seven key lessons that I learned while I went to MIT. One of my biggest self-commitments this year, has been to communicate more, and share more of my knowledge and life lessons with the world and for people who might be walking on a similar path. …

A reflection based on personal & anecdotal experience

In this article, you’ll find out what schools are the best to attend if you want to get a degree in computer science.

The video version of this article, if you prefer watching to reading :)

Now, I’m a weird case because throughout my life I’ve earned the opportunity to study or work directly at some of the best universities in the world. During my life, I’ve hopped across multiple schools, including MIT, Oxford, Columbia, Imperial College, Caltech, Stanford and Berkeley.

So based on my experience, I’ve decided to create a top of schools for computer science in 2020 so that you folks, who are looking to get a degree in computer science can have a clue of what schools are great to attend to. …

Unconventional advice from the other side

For those of you who prefer a more visual experience…

During my career, I’ve interviewed dozens of people. This short article’s been designed to give you some unconventional advice about how to pass your job interview.

For those who don’t know, the interview process for software developers or engineers is divided into two parts: your personal interview — to find one about your type of personality, to make sure you are a right fit for the team and the second interview — problem solving interview — where you’ll get a couple of tech questions which you need to solve.

To get a job you need to ace in both interviews. No matter how talented you are as a programmer, many companies will likely not hire you if you are a shitty person and either insult your interviewer or convey markers that you are difficult to work with. In contrast, if you are a people person with golden liquid light levels of charisma, but no technical chops, then that’s also a nonstarter. You ideally want to land somewhere in the middle. So where do you begin, and how do you address this? …

A clear, casual explanation for innovation and business leaders

if you are more of an aural learner :)

Perhaps you have worked with AI or ML at one point; but as you transitioned into a leadership role, the words artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) started appearing interchangeably at a variety of conferences. As an ML engineer who works with both researchers and engineers, building these tools and algorithms on a nearly daily basis, I would like to give you a bird’s eye view about the relationship between AI and ML.

Refining our understanding of the words we use is essential for progress to move forward. We must dispel the miasma of imprecision if we hope to make today’s science fiction tomorrow’s science reality. Now, I like science fiction movies. I love the idea that we can build technology that advances the human race. And I am obsessed with uniting our people behind a common language to get us there. Technologies that bring humanity to stars, technologies that teach humanity how to harness the power of stars, and technologies that allow us to enhance our cognitive and physical abilities through our interactions with robots, can all be made possible by cultivating and applying the latest advances in the field. …

Three reasons this choice will maximize your potential in the ‘20s

A video version if you guys prefer listening over reading :)

Hi guys! So 2020 has just rolled around. New year, new you, huh? And some of you may be interested in expanding your skill-set and learning how to write code.

Wouldn’t we all love for this to be our life?

I mean, There are so many languages out there, right? How many of you just have a gut feeling that if you had that one technical skill, you could manifest your fullest potential?

Well today, I’m here to share what I believe to be the greatest gateway language to becoming this fellow in the GIF above, in 2020. …

Fundamental actions that will improve how you debug code

A video version of this article, if you’re more of a visual learner :)

Hi guys, it’s Sean and today I’ll be talking to you about a few ways to get better at debugging your code.

Who here has gotten demotivated from learning how to code or continue on their journey as a software developer because they’ve run into a bug? I know I definitely have. In fact, let me share a quick story with you.

Late one night in early March 2012, I was writing code for a class known at MIT known as 6.01: Intro to EE & CS in our (famous?) Building 32: Stata Center, built by the award winning architect Frank Gehry. I was with a close friend who would later fall in love with cryptography, and this stuff came naturally to him. Meanwhile, I was feeling dumber by the hour, and a tendency to social comparison bias was driving me to feel twice as worse about myself. I spent five hours bashing my head against a wall, and felt totally stupid when I realized I was telling my code to access a variable that wasn’t even…

Never seem to hit your KPIs? Become an excellent engineer by focusing on your foundation.

Video Version

I use the word “tactics,” intentionally. An often cited quote by the well-known war tactician and philosopher, Sun Tzu, who stated:

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

But what does this actually mean? You can think of strategy as anything that involves the big picture and informs a decision “I am going to Point B.” In contrast, tactics are the specific actions that get you from point A to point B.

It’s important to distinguish this because what comes below is a quick review of some tactics that you can incorporate into nearly any mission, agenda, or strategy that you have set for yourself. The target audience below is for fellow software engineers, but these fundamental tactics can be applied to anyone. So enough theory. …


Sean Batir

Machine learning engineer equally excited about understanding minds, both human and AI. Let’s connect!

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