Sean Cahill
Apr 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Further Clarification on my Opinion of recent statements by Senator Blumenthal mentioned here.

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*Note: Please read the following article in a conversational voice. If anything riles you up, remember, you can’t see my face or hear my voice.

“The American People have no idea the immensity of the threat in space.”

-Sen. Blumenthal

In Space.

I think context and semantics are key. We must realize the context is a senator regretful he can’t share classified data with the public, and who is using ambiguous terms to skirt his oath and impress the importance of an external threat. We don’t need a “Space Force” to counteract asteroids. We need a space force to counter another space force.

Each time he annunciates the word “They” he isolates it. He capitalizes it. He does not say They’re but does use other contractions… haven’t etc. There is no value in isolating the word other than to indicate an unnamed entity.

There are really four elements to that statement as I see it:

  1. Our Adversaries know what “They” are doing.
  2. We know what “They” are doing.
  3. “They” know that we know what “They” are doing.
  4. But the American People have no idea.” (No question here, we will leave this out in the future lists).

I think the actual smoking gun here is where the semantics breaks down. Senator Blumenthal is too well spoken to muck this up. He was speaking far to carefully and determined to suddenly give us word salad.

If we read “They” as meaning established terrestrial governments then I don’t believe it makes any sense. Let’s define adversaries as the run of the mill nightly news bunch. Certainly including but not limited to Russia, China, N.K., Iran, etc

It would read like this…

  1. Our Adversaries know what they themselves are doing (Why would he ever need to say that? Of course they do. It’s an Oxymoron)
  2. We know what our adversaries are doing (Yep, mucking in space if I’m wrong).
  3. Our Adversaries know that we know what they themselves are doing (Ralph Cramden anyone?).

But we do… He said “they” are mucking in space. Who is this “They” that is mucking about in space? Without meaning to rant, that does sound like semantic garbage to me… If we are saying our established adversaries are mucking about in space then say it.

Nothing else about the Senator strikes me as being a lousy speaker or overly rambling and hyperbolic. I see a concerned man with a seriously complicated question. Tiptoes.

When we read it like this; (let me just use three adversaries for ease of reading)

  1. Russia, China, and North Korea know what they are doing (in space).
  2. We know what they are doing (in space) (the use of they here is key, otherwise he would have said ‘our Adversaries’ again).
  3. Russia, China, and North Korea know that we know what they are doing in space.

What’s classified here? We know who our Adversaries are. We know someone is mucking in space hard enough to establish a space force because if this was ALL partisan hyperbole we can all assume Sen. Blumenthal would probably not be supporting the current administrations agenda if not raison d’être for establishing the off-world armed force (Not under the authority of current military structure and UCMJ, not unionized, etc… among other things).

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

So what’s classified?

The Who?

If he means adversaries we know who they are.

The What?

The type of mucking? Unless they have control over what we call UAP’s then I’ll stake my reputation it’s not our established Adversaries Tech.

If they are chunking satellites, well that’s old news.

The Where?

In space.

The When?

Irrelevant as we seem to be discussing an unfolding process and not an event.

The Why?

If it’s human, then probably the regular world domination/politics bit. I won’t speculate about any outside earth-entities motivations.

Humor Me

Please read this carefully, I’m going to use the word Space Hippos to keep it light, but we all know I mean aliens… and I don’t want to say, aliens.

  1. Russia, China, and North Korea know what the Space Hippos are doing.
  2. The American Government knows what the Space Hippos are doing.
  3. The Space Hippos know what they are doing.

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Photo by Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash

Here’s the thing…

As far as the tech goes that we can showcase we have had our adversaries beat by a mile for a long time. Unless the classified info is “Godlike” Tech in the hands of established Adversaries springing forth from nowhere, from economies that can’t keep up and military budgets that don’t approach combined what we spend on toilet paper and bullets, then I believe he is mentioning someone the rest of us haven’t met yet.

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Screen Shots of original CSPAN footage

(Please note three specific “entities” he is referring to with his nonverbal communication, add this to his verbal inflection and isolation of the word “They” and we have three definitive subjects in question. (Screenshots added on 17APR19)

The senator discusses a threat in Space. Not the threat of our adversaries in space. Not a threat originating on earth.

What is the Threat in Space? Who are They?

I invite your criticism.

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