Navigating Disclosure

Let’s talk about the fear of success.

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From Psychology Today;

“Why are some people afraid to succeed but not to fail? Why are some more afraid of failure?

If you want to delve deeper into the specifics of ‘fear of success’ please follow the link above. Suffice to say it is often rooted in the severe and lasting trauma of repeated abuse… of any kind.

We have all known people who seem to trip and fall right before the finish line. We cringe, we yell, we turn away. Why? It embarrasses the hell out of us because we often either just got up from our own fall or are anticipating the next one. We don’t all suffer from constant self-sabotage though…

But we know what it looks like, regardless.

If you read my previous article here on Medium then you know that I am primarily concerned with the evolving broader concept of “Disclosure”. If that is something you are unfamiliar with, let me try and sum it up for you in a small paragraph.

Disclosure is the broad opinion that there are anomalous physical and possibly non-physical objects operating within, above and below the atmosphere (of Earth) that are intelligently controlled but are of either unknown or non-human origin. The Powers That Be have been aware of this and kept these facts secret… perhaps until…

… a few days ago (April 11, 2019) there was an unspoken “they” involved. Two days ago “They” were discussed by cognizant authority in the open air of the United States Congress, but I’ll get to that shortly.

If you want the real “Explain Like I’m Five” here is the best I can do…

“UFO’s are real! The Government kept it a Secret! They are really/might be/are not telling us now!”

See all those exclamation points? When was the last time you woke up and said: “Man, I need an opinion yelled at me!”.

There are so many triggers in that sentence though, not least of which is ‘UFO’ which many people tangent straight to “Alien”. Again, we will come back to that shortly.

Let’s be honest with each other. There is no “Explain like I am Five”. Even the staunchest materialistic, religiously atheistic Fermi Paradox spouting E.T. and FTL denier will say that you just can’t explain it like I am five. Unless they are being capricious and using words like impossible which is the kryptonite to any conversation not based around a solved equation.

We are talking about our shared reality. Reality has never been the realm of the denier. Deny the lion outside, go ahead tell him he’s not real. We’ll be in the cave.

For the moment, save the “Boy who cried wolf” retorts…

I think we can safely say most of us operate under the guise that Reality is limited to the physical (you know, five senses stuff). Take it a step further, add “What is memory?” and “Wow Scoob, like what’s in those Scooby Snacks?”. Anything beyond that is the realm of religion, whack jobs, woo-woo’s, or that weirdly young looking old guy that always smells like pot and calls you “Man” regardless of your age or gender. Like does he even have a job?

I digress. So what does that mean for those of us who are trying to bring this complicated subject out into the light without inciting a riot of offended opinions or easy offhanded dismissals?

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It means we have a pretty steep uphill climb and I will keep hammering forth the following; We need to get our shit together. And then we need to put it away because shit stinks. The last year has seen me fold up my personal politics as much as I could and put them away for what looks like the duration. None of us who truly believe we can grasp this and hold onto the whole idea can afford to be partisan in any way. We are certainly divided as a country. If you believe we did this solely to ourselves you are buying into victimization philosophy. As Obi-Wan’s master said, There is Always a Bigger Fish… and that may be the crux.

I had the foresight when I first read about Lue Elizondo to treat my involvement as an unbiased investigation. I tried as best I could to compartmentalize my emotional response with what I saw as “the facts”.

Let me get down to the cliche metaphor I was going to insert here;

Some of us are melting down in nuclear denial the closer we get to “something”. People who previously provided seemingly rational ears and voices are in strict denial mode so obvious it does become head-shakingly sad. Yet others have stuck their heads in the sand and simply won’t acknowledge the obvious faultlines forming in many narratives.

Even some of the frontline players seem to be throwing more spaghetti at the wall than usual, fear of relevancy seems to be creeping in. For some, it is clearly worse… the truth might not match their script. What is that going to mean for their credibility? For some, that is going to affect their ability to pay the rent. Stop for a second. That is real shit. Not everyone involved in this is a Top 5 Convention Speaker, Rock Star or Former Intelligence Official or even retired military with a pension and benefits. Many of us… all of us really, are just people. Some of ‘us’ have experienced a level of reality that others either have not experienced or have not conceived of yet. Whatever the new zeitgeist, for some it will affect their ability to get out of bed.

Please consider some of the most vivid dreams you have had in your life. Whether last nights unexplainable circus-of-random or your very own lifelong recurring nightmare, nearly all of us will agree that we have dreams when we sleep.

Now imagine yourself on the stand. You’ve been subpoenaed into the court of public opinion. Your charge is lying. You said you experienced a “dream” last night. You must prove it or be found guilty. There are no witnesses to call within our consciousness.

It’s my opinion that this challenge and our responses illustrate the canyon that divides us from understanding. Fear. Not lack of evidence.

That’s why I am going to bait and switch you now. Remember how I mentioned there was a ‘They’ spoken of in Congress? Please follow the link below to the April 11, 2019 testimony of Pentagon Officials on the proposed US Space Force before Congress. This clip consists 6:38 of Senator Richard Blumenthal’s fully prepared questions in regards to the matter. It is unclassified.

It’s easy to dismiss much of the language used in that clip as boiler-plate Capitol Hill but I will simply call your attention to the following phrase and ask a question.

(My paraphrasing, my emphasis) Senator Blumenthal mentions a threat in space that is unknown to the American People (Part of the assumed justification for the creation of the US Space Force). He goes on to say he wishes the American People could be present in the room, more specifically in the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility) where the “classified” version of this conversation took place. Now… the important and easily deniable words…

“Our Adversaries know what “They” are doing. We know what “They” are doing. “They” know that we know what “They” are doing. But the American People have no idea.”

(This is a direct quote. Quotation marks and capitalization of ‘they’ are the author’s emphasis.)

My Question is merely… how will you interpret that as you read it… and re-read it. How quick is your trigger right now?

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Take a breath with me. Try not to yell “Semantic Garbage!” and read it again. I know It sounds like a poor retelling of Abbot and Costello’s Who’s on First routine and could easily be explained away and ridiculed. Pretty Clever, huh? Let’s pretend for a second that this whole thing isn't a complicated geo and exo-political mess. In my opinion, the ‘They’ Senator Blumenthal is referring to is a third party (meaning other than known “Adversaries”) currently unknown to the American People… Originating in Space. There is no way around it. That is heavy shit.

So what is “Alien” to us? A friend in an unexpected mask can be Alien. Something we have never before perceived can be Alien. With seven widely accepted extinct subspecies of the genus Homo on the map;

…and with the Denisovans most likely soon bringing the list to eight it makes one wonder at the possible genetic offshoots, hybrids, subspecies and as yet undiscovered remains. Not to mention evidence of homogenous megalithic architecture around the world… The Younger Dryas Event…

Let’s just say the scope and sweep of what it means to be human isn’t going to fit in this article and with being human a hard enough question to answer I won’t gate-keep on the definition of Alien either.

Nautical Cliches Ahead

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It’s time for a course change. It’s time to gather the crew on the forecastle and pay our respects to the past and get underway towards our shared future. The world changed the other day, again. The Honorable Richard Blumenthal moved the conversation forward from Disclosure to Confirmation and left the option of Acknowledgment hanging in the air.

It doesn’t matter if you noticed at the time. It doesn’t matter if you are getting the message late. Not every comet shows a tail. Not every virus shows noticeable symptoms. Not every sea change moves the boat. It’s time to adjust course with confidence and conviction. As we used to say in the Navy,

All Hands Stand By for Heavy Rolls While the Ship Comes About!

If you are still ranting it is time to take a breath. We made it. We are here. If you are still denying, it is time to take stock. Something is missing for you. First, calm yourself. Then you will notice the other calm ones. Then we can move the conversation on to acknowledgment and understanding.

Some will accuse me of being an apologist for the deep state. A supporter of keeping secrets from the people. Some will say I have insider knowledge. No. Laughably, no.

Let me be ridiculously clear about one thing. Since I re-engaged this topic I have come into contact with people of the most impeccable character, people with a devotion to duty and willingness to risk their own value for the greater good that rivals any other I have known or served with, save those who have passed in the line of duty.

I have found most people would rather die than face a certain amount of ridicule.

The people I have met and worked with in the last year have risked all of the above. I don’t ask you to worship them. I merely ask you to listen with the intent to understand rather than the urge to respond with a frightened cry of “Bullshit!”

As I said early on, Fear of Success is rooted in the severe and lasting trauma of repeated abuse. Many of us, even some of our senior experts and founders in research have heard “This is it!” too many times. Look around. Find those of us who have run for the shelter of denial and open your arms to them.

As we near the finish line some of us will falter. Some will Fall. Some will, again and again, deny the Forest, Trees and everything else while they try and burn the whole thing down to stay warm. When they falter we will pick them back up. We are all in this together like it or not.

Let those with freshly skinned knees cursing up a blue streak be the first who you lend your patience to. Hopefully, in time they, in turn, will help others. We are disclosure counselors, like it or not. Our love for our fellow man and our willingness to show compassion are what will bring us all home.

What will you acknowledge and when?

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