Tweet On Security

I read a tweet today on security. “Are smart city transport systems vulnerable to hackers?”

This brought back a conversation I had a few weeks back on the event in Vegas for people to hack a system and the winner gets like 4 million dollars. Sean what’s your take? First I would find out who is handling the network engineering for the event. Guy or Girl — I would then find the most attractive counterpart and offer that person 100,000 dollars in cash, if I win. The counterpart would offer the network engineer 2 million dollars for the access to the network.

My point is the most vulnerable point in data security is your employees. How can you better your chances from leaks? Schedule a meeting. : ) But…

A technology I have am excited about right now is MobileFirst from IBM. We are adding MobileFirst to the stack of many of our new startups clients. Why? For one, security… two-way authentication, mobile app code integrity: if someone reverse engineers your app, it won’t work anymore. API reporting on performance and optimization, and if there is a bug or exploit: you can force update and for people that did not update, turn off the exploited feature.

If you are interested in MobileFirst, I would be happy to help you with API Integration of current APPS and stack or how we can put your startup under our MobileFirst umbrella.

90% of the startups landing on my desk are healthcare startups. Security. Security. Security.

Pardon: Grammar and Spelling — I am a serial entrepreneur not a writer…