Honours Project Blog Part 5, Week 9

This week the project proposal first draft was completed due awaiting feedback from my supervisor and due for submission on the 8th of November.

Over the last couple of weeks the exact route of the project has now been decided upon. The aim of the project was decided to be

“To find a method of improving the visualization of complex and numerous intrusion detection events and alerts”

The project execution timeline was also layed out.

· Week 1 — Construct Intrusion Detection System Server with Snorby.

· Week 2 — Construct ELK stack for data storage and Visualization.

· Week 3 — Begin IDS data collection.

· Week 4–8 — Construct software for visualization of IDS events and target weaknesses in Kibana.

· Week 9 — Focus group for comparing the ELK stack visualization of IDS to constructed software visualization of IDS.

· Week 9–12 — Testing and Optimization.

The next task is to develop a prototype system to display for the feasability demo as well as complete the ethics form. The prototype system is likely to consist of an ELK stack for storage and visualization and a IDS Server for event collection. A very early example of the software to be developed will also be attempted.