Why Life Is Defined By The Journey, Not The Destination
James Prescott

“The only way out is through”! I’ve been on a similar journey over the past few years, and though it has been dark and painful, I am grateful for it, and the work it has alllowed me to do. It is a gift, and a journey that most don’t get the chance to take, or more often don’t have the courage to take. I agree, “ you can’t avoid the darkness of your own story”, but most do, with all the ego defenses at our disposal, and with addictive behavior, maybe not drugs and alcohol, but shopping, eating, codependency, sex, gambling, perfectionism, work, and the list goes on. Your so right, in the end you can’t avoid that darkness, it’s always there, laying in wait, watching, and holding us, like we hold it, hoping that it will magically disappear. The thing is, it never does, and it is a slow death march, until one day we sit, at the end of our lives, looking back with regret and pain. The only way out is through, facing our fears, those demons, and letting go of it all, gifting us the ability to find and live a different life of peace and joy. I love that quote, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”, this is exactly the point, and leads us back to, there is no destination, only living, experience, and being. I think at least for me, when I forget about the destination, and am intensely present, and focused on the now, I get the most out of life, of each experience, and find an appreciation and joy that I can’t get any other way. It is about the journey, and the experience, and that for me is living. Thanks for this great piece!

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