How Stuart is handling the sudden switch to remote work

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As the whole company is learning first-hand, communicating with your colleagues is very different when working from home than it is when working from the office. There have been some pleasant surprises, but also some struggles and concerns.

The following material discusses strategies for effective remote communication which will hopefully help us settle more comfortably into a sustainable remote working culture by cultivating healthier communication habits.

This started as internal company literature, but we hoped it might be useful to other companies too! Feel free to connect with us via the comments.

🏡 Office vs Remote

In an open-plan office, everyone is immediately available. You can walk up to your colleague’s desk and get an instant answer to the question you have. …

Day One

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At half eight lastnight, we watched Boris make the announcement live.

No leaving your home without an approved reason. Food, essential work, buying medicine, and exercise once per day. That’s our lot. They already closed the schools last week, so the four of us are here at home together for the duration.

It’s so odd, but it’s such a massive relief to know we’re on police-enforced lockdown. Tessa cried, overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. We raised a glass, and said “to the day this is all finally over.”

Having worked remotely for several years, much of my routine hasn’t changed. Our son, Oscar, is finding it hardest. He started school just a few months ago and loved it. …

Lluís Casals gives us a tour of what it’s like to work on Stuart’s QA team.

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A view from Mt Tibidabo

Me in a nutshell: I listen to music all day long, love riding my bicycle, testing software, and being the best father I possibly can for my daughter.

Every Sunday morning I take my mountain bike up to the Serra de Collserola mountain range and take a long ride. Being out in the mountains really helps me to unwind and decompress after a busy week.

From a professional point of view, I’ve been a QA engineer since 2006 and I’m insanely passionate about software testing! 😁

What’s daily life like on the QA team?

A good morning starts with a good breakfast! In the kitchen at Stuart we kick off the day with something tasty from the office fridge over a chat with the rest of the team. …


Sean Handley

Señor Developer specialising in open-source languages, particularly Ruby & Elixir.

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