Assignment on 11/7/18

The two articles that I chose contrast each other in a way. One has a focus on shifting away from too much technology and one has a shift to opening up a whole new realm of technology in Virtual Reality and making it mainstream. The way these two articles are written have positives and negatives, however. The second article, the one about the glasses seems like a really cool idea, the articles goes on to talk about how the creator was raised without technology and he was forced to go outside and explore. In a world where technology is taking over, glasses like this might actually provide some sweet relief from always being surrounded by everyone else. However, at the end of the article, in an interview the creator is unsure about the actual specifics of the glasses and how they would work. He agrees to calling them “a novelty” which is all fine and good, but for some people reading the article would be disappointed after getting to the end and finding out its just another “as seen on TV” gimmick. Switching to the other article, this article also has a very cool idea behind it. The idea of live streaming and reliving concerts in a virtual reality kind of blows my mind to be honest. But, if you take a close look at the article you can see that a lot of the claims that are made are just kind of exaggerations of what already exists and no real insight into what is actually possible. He claims that this sort of virtual reality technology is becoming cheaper, lighter and better but isn’t all technology moving at a very fast speed, what if something new comes along and completely blows this idea out of the water? He also says that more and more people are buying this product and that in the upcoming Christmas season those numbers are expected to go even higher, but he doesn’t provide any actual numbers, seems kind of like a statement of the obvious. For me, this article would hit home if he could explain why watching a concert in a VR headset would be worth my money as opposed to just watching it on Youtube for free.