Toyota AI-Powered Driverless Car

Most people believe driverless cars are too futuristic to be true or that they are only being made by specialist companies. Neither of these things are true anymore. Toyota announced they will test their driverless AI-Powered cars in 2020.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota plans on combining their Conecept-i car with Yui, an AI. The Japanese carmaker is spending billions on venture capital meant for AI development. This money is going into Yui which is supposed to be the seperating factor between Concept-i and other autonomous cars. Toyota plans on having Yui be able to converse with drivers and get to know them and learn their preferences, emotions, and habits.

Toyota has an ambitious plan for the future even outside Concept-i. Later this month they plan on testing their hydrogen powered trucks. The manufacturer’s bigger plan, though, is bringing a flying car to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo with the help of Cartivator Resource Management.

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