Sean, thanks for an informative article on developing a new set of skills.
Ted W. Farcasin

Haha, thanks Ted! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

And I usually don’t like to give this type of advice, but if you’re honestly looking for some sort of cognitive enhancer…I’d look into KetoCaNa by Ketosports.

Not sure if you’re familiar with ketones or not, but they’re the alternative source of fuel for our brain (as opposed to glucose) and I personally use them myself, but I’ve also heard they work very well for slowing down/reversing any cognitive decline in the later years of life.

Again, not a doctor and something I don’t talk about much…

But as somebody who’s used ketones over the last 18 months and done countless hours of research on them, I can confirm they work very well and skyrocket brain power.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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