How the Ketogenic Diet Helps You Effortlessly Lose Weight

Crazy things happen when fat burning mode kicks in…

Photo by David Di Veroli on Unsplash

I know, everybody’s diet is the “best diet for losing weight”….

But here’s why I like mine more: It’s sustainable, and I’ve personally achieved the results to prove it.

Why It’s Better

Let’s face it, most diets don’t work.

And if they do, it’s usually for a few weeks (maybe months), then the pounds seem to creep back on…

Something most refer to as “yo-yo” dieting.

Now that’s bad enough, but when people do start to yo-yo diet, then they usually get blamed for it…

Saying that they have a lack of willpower and they’re simply eating too much.

I guess I understand the logic, but to be bluntly honest, that statement legitimately pisses me off.


Two reasons:

  1. Because that makes you feel guilty, and you’ll stop trying to lose weight
  2. Because it’s simply wrong. Willpower or eating too much has nothing to do with it, it’s because their shitty diet doesn’t understand biology and it literally sets you up for failure

How does it set you up for failure?

Because the “starvation method” forgets to entertain an important aspect of weight loss, “ghrelin”.

Not familiar with ghrelin?

Don’t worry, I don’t think 95% of the “gurus” are either…

But in the simplest terms, ghrelin is the hormone that regulates your hunger. Reason why it’s also known as the hunger hormone.

So what does this have to do with losing weight?

Ghrelin levels don’t adjust to your new body when you lose weight by using the “low calorie” methods, and that means you have the same appetite with a smaller body.

This literally makes you starve yourself, and that’s the main reason why so many people yo-yo diet (nobody likes to be hungry 24/7).

The most “popular” case of this happened with “The Biggest Loser” contestants, which is also one of the major reasons why it’s not around anymore.

And how does the ketogenic diet help with this?

Unlike most diets, keto doesn’t make you starve yourself. In fact, eating until satiety is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

And that’s helpful for psychological reasons, but in addition to this, it also helps regulate ghrelin levels.

Or in other words, your appetite adjusts to your new body, meaning you’re less likely to yo-yo.

Last but not least, the ketogenic diet is the best for weight loss because it simply puts your body into a state of fat burning, making the pounds come off with less effort.

How This Works

The ketogenic diet is a diet that essentially mimics fasting.

I know that can sound intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t — because it eliminates all the negatives while leaving most of the benefits.

Let me explain.

The three big negatives with traditional fasting (if not done properly) are:

  1. It can deteriorate muscle (body starts breaking down muscle for glucose)
  2. It’ll make you hungry (because you’re literally starving yourself)
  3. And you have no energy (not getting any fuel)

None of these are fun and the main reason why most people stay away from fasting…which makes sense, but it’s really unfortunate as they miss out on most of the benefits.

There’s a lot of benefits to fasting (if done properly), but from a weight loss standpoint, it forces your body to use fat as fuel…

But again, if this isn’t done properly, then it’ll eat away at some muscle as well.

So here’s how the ketogenic diet minimizes each of the negatives:

  1. If done properly, you skip past the phase where your body breaks down muscle and instead goes straight for the fat (a.k.a. You quickly transfer from glycogen burning mode to fat burning mode)
  2. You’re still eating and as I mentioned earlier, you’re actually advised to eat until you’re full….so there’s really no way you should be hungry
  3. Your body can run off 2 types of energy: ketones and glucose. Ketones are the source of fuel that’s created when fat is burned, and when done correctly, the ketogenic diet can start producing ketones right away…meaning there’s little (if any) periods of low energy

Bonus tip: Ketones are also a much better source of fuel, and once you start producing them, you’ll notice an increase in energy.

What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the important parts, let me bore you with the quick details.

Ketogenic means “ketone producing”, and as I mentioned in the last section, ketones are the source of energy that’s created when you burn fat.

So since ketogenic is ketone producing, and since ketones are created when you burn fat…then this is essentially a diet that puts, and keeps, you in fat burning mode at all times.

This is accomplished in a few different ways, but there’s three general ways you can get there:

  1. Deplete all the glycogen in your body
  2. Drink exogenous ketones
  3. A combination of 1 and 2

Now there’s a lot more to this subject as well, so if you’re interested in learning more, please check out my free course or this blog post.

Feel the Burn

Losing weight is hard enough, there’s no need to make it any harder.

I’ve personally tried numerous diets and no matter how I hard I tried, I could never lose weight.

But then I tried the ketogenic diet, and within 12 months…I’d lost over 50 pounds and felt amazing.

Now that was great, but the true win came 3 years later…when I can officially say I haven’t gained a pound of it back — something that doesn’t happen with most diets — and that alone is why I think the ketogenic diet is best for losing weight.