File this under Weird and Interesting Coincidence, or perhaps a So-Called “G-d Wink”. I don’t know. I’m just the recorder.

I’ve recently delved deep into 80s music for a writing project. I’m listening to music from 1983–1985 exclusively because it has the ability to help transport one to a time and period in one’s life, something I’m finding helpful in getting me into that frame of mind.

To that end, I also added watching the movie “Vision Quest” to the research regimen. It was a movie that impacted me in such a way I did not understand at the time, but in retrospect I know has everything to do with Matthew Modine’s performance, and a mostly good screenplay, though watching it now raised a lot of questions for me along plot lines, and homophobic and sexist behavior. Furthermore, Matthew Modine’s character was a very sweaty boy because he was running like a madman everywhere, so how could anyone stand to be around him for very long? He was also eating like a bird to drop the weight, so there’s body dysmorphia issues to dissect. Anyway, that’s not very important right now.

Before I move on though, I’ll have you know I started wearing wrestling shoes partly because of Vision Quest, and also because of David Letterman. Not because I wrestled. I also intentionally distressed a hooded pullover sweatshirt to look like Matthew Modine’s in Vision Quest. Call it my Flashdance moment.

I tweeted a little bit last night about this, mainly picking fun at myself:

“1985 Matthew Modine was my spirit animal.”

“Matthew Modine is 6'4 and was fighting to get down to 168. That’s like me at 5'6 and 135. Spirit Animal. He had bigger hands though.”

Moments later, I stumbled upon a retweet from an actor I follow, Dick Speight Jr, for a band called Louden Swain. Matthew Modine’s character is called Louden Swain.

I’d never heard of this band before, but I thought it funny to stumble upon them now, at this moment, when I was thinking intently upon Louden Swain.

Weird coincidence, premonition, or “G-d Wink”?

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