What the next few years look like for VR
Kyle Russell

I think the mass market appeal of VR will be on mobile. It has to be (If I’m do believe it’ll take off in a big way), because phones are the only piece of computing hardware most people can run VR from. As said in the article, not tracking lateral movement is a hindrance — I don’t know how much it’ll put most people off (I too have been spoiled by Vive and Oculus, but I still enjoy Gear VR) and I don’t know how quickly it’ll be solved on Daydream (or other mobile platform).

Regardless, I’m going to take a punt and say…

  • Christmas 2016 — PS VR
  • Christmas 2017 — Mobile VR. Probably Daydream and something else.

I’m not picking a Christmas for Vive, Oculus or any other premium PC experience. I don’t think the market is large enough. It’ll always be like owning an unusually large PC or a very fast car — more than most people feel they need.

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