“Bumper” Sprint

Sprint duration: 3 hours — Steph’s house

Idea — ‘Bumper’ is a location based network for social groups to connect on a night out.

Context — We came about the idea while lining up for coffee during Brissy’s ‘Heath Startup Weekend’. Somewhat inspired by apps like Yik Yak and happn, Bumper promotes posting anonymously to anyone within a defined radius around you. The initial thought seemed rather amusing. Imagine a group of friends, let’s say girls on a night out sitting at a table and one friend spots a good looking guy at the bar ordering a drink. Looking back at the table with a rather wry smile the friend says to her single friend… “send him a bump”. The friend squirms before pulling out her phone and writing an anonymous message directed towards the guy. ‘Ping’ the message is received by all within a 20m radius of their table. The guy reads the message while waiting for the bartender to finish pouring his order. He looks around and sees the group of girls giggling towards his direction. He wonders which one of them the bump came from. He walks back to the comfort of his circle with drinks in hand and story to tell. How will he reply.

Getting down to it — We started the sprint by sitting down and getting everyone to dot point what it would take for the above context to happen. As you can see by the photo below we really do mean dot points. It’s hard to get clarity of thought during this ideation process. We give ourselves 2 minutes to see what we can each come up with before it’s time to share. Our chief ‘whip’ Steph, then has her way to go around the group and discuss our thoughts. It’s useful to explore each others creative perspective, but important to ensure we are aligned in the same direction before moving on and prototyping.

Bumper Userflow dot points

And by aligning it sometimes requires a Skype call to Frances our nomadic backend dev currently living in Queenstown…

Nomadic backend dev Frances

By this stage we’ve been ‘sprinting’ for an hour and a half. It’s been our most effective sprint to date but we don’t want to finish until we get through first stage of prototyping through Sketch. We love Sketch.

Sketch Sprint — Sam’s our guy when it comes to a number of things, but Sketch is one of those he simply excels. Using the ‘context’ above and dot-points, he begins mocking up screens for 3 user-flow journeys. These include the girl sending the bump, the guy receiving the bump and anonymous bumpers receiving the ‘ping’ within the 20m radius. I wish I took a photo of these Sketch user-flows but not anticipating writing this Medium article I’ll do it next time.

Take-away- In the space of 3 hours, we were able to collaborative go through the ideation of ‘Bumper’ and the context it will serve. Dot-points and Sketch user-flows were key in allowing us to align our creative thoughts. We each walk away with many things to work on and the aim of having a functioning prototype before we catch up next. This may mean only 4 or 5 screens but it will be testable. User feedback is my favourite part. We will stay in touch through Slack, but will keep our heads down for a few more weeks until we resurface for our next Sprint. It’s a fun hobby.

Team DevShed