‘WotOdds’ — Idea to prototype in 3 hours

‘What are the odds’… you’ll download this app?


‘WotOdds’ came as an idea from seeing Year 12 students play the game on a school rugby tour. It’s a simple concept. One student challenges another to do something by saying ‘what are the odds’…[insert dare here]. The other student provides odds (anywhere from 1–100 depending on the dare) that he’ll do it, and on the count of 3 both students say a number between that range. If the same number is selected, the dare is carried out.

Noticing a number of boys enjoyed playing this game we decided to see if we could create a similar experience through mobile.


Both growing up on Brisbane’s south-side, Mobi Cafe was a regular place to meet and discuss ideas with Sam (btw - the cafe is open to midnight!). Running through the idea and context above, we got to work using Sketch and Invision.

As side note: These 2 programs are essential if you’re interested in learning how to build mobile apps. Just recently I’ve learnt when you open Sketch you have the option of clicking ‘Templates’ at the top. By then selecting ‘iOS UI Design’ you have pre-filled screens ready to save you time when you’re starting off. Another great idea is to check out ‘Sketch App Sources’. It’ll allow you to download screens others have done and change them up.

A few of the initial screens are below:

With the use of Sketch — we were able to mock up a quick ‘newsfeed’ for different ‘WotOdds’ games
We also created a screen that allowed users to write their own ‘WotOdds’ game and select their odds.

Invision then allowed us to connect the 5 screens together to form a ‘functioning prototype’ ready to test.


‘Proof of concept’ is one of the hardest things to validate about an idea. Although witnessing students play this game socially, a gap still exists with validating it on mobile. We decided to brainstorm testing ideas, which I’ve listed below…

  • Get 3-5 ‘charismatic’ mates to start using the app and gauge interest levels
  • Cook sausage sizzles around universities and parks and hand out free sausages if people select the correct ‘WotOdds’
  • Interview cafes and see if they would be interested in the concept — could it relate to others shouting one another coffees?

That it, 3 hours up — didn’t that go quick! Don’t worry, we’ll be back!


If interested in playing or simply wanna get in touch, please feel free to email sean@devshed.com.au — Thanks so much for reading!

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