Taking The PRL Out Of Oyster Protocol: The Case Of Bruno Block
Jeremy Nation

I run a small 5–10 person business, and that is my only qualifier here. I feel I might understand at least on a small scare that he is completely fed up with a larger movement’s influence on an un’scoped’ masterpiece:
1. Bruno might be 75% right, but he’s an asshole. 
2. I understand his concerns of insider trading, and they’re probably right
3. I honestly think he was on the right track.

3a. Screw big money pawns.

4. The way this was handled, — Please reconsider “Bruno”. If you think that by screwing over people loyal to the Oyster project ‘before’ it all caves in, you have harmed….
a. Speculators

aI. Yeah fuck these guys
aII. Yeah screw those guys too.
b. Supporters

bI. I’ve uploaded a few files. Posted on the subreddit too.
bII. I also had(ve) about 8000 PRL. A lot of money for some scrub in Utah. I’ve put a lot of faith in this project. If it wasn’t for a bunch of scrubs in (XYZ) place, you’d be literally some dude pushing blogs/posts/etc on the internet with a ‘neat’ idea.

If you had a beef with the local fire department, why would you set your house on fire with your wife and kids inside — so you could booby trap the fire department? This makes no logical sense.

I know you’re pessimistic about the future, but this is self fulfilling.

C’mon, man — before you get bonked on the head, please just give us the real reason.