2017 BooksΒ πŸ“š

I generally have a difficult time doing β€œend of year book lists” because I’m too lazy to retroactively log them. This year, I’m going to track them here and update the post every time I start a new one (hopefully)

  1. East of Eden (John Steinbeck) βœ… πŸ“– 🎧
  2. Winter is Coming (Garry Kasparov) βœ… 🎧
  3. Tenth of December (George Saunders) βœ… πŸ“–
  4. Masters of Doom (David Kushner) βœ… 🎧
  5. Hillbilly Elegy (J.D. Vance) βœ… 🎧
  6. Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka) βœ… πŸ“–
  7. Shoe Dog (Phil Knight) βœ… 🎧
  8. Martin Luther (Lyndal Roper) ⏸ πŸ“–
  9. The Vital Question (Nick Lane) βœ… 🎧
  10. The Prestige (Christopher Priest) βœ… πŸ“– 🎧
  11. The Death of Expertise (Tom Nichols) ⏸ πŸ“–
  12. Dark Money (Jane Mayer) βœ… 🎧
  13. Another Day in the Death of America (Gary Younge) βœ… 🎧
  14. Mindset (Carol Dweck) βœ… 🎧
  15. The Sixth Extinction (Elizabeth Kolbert) βœ… 🎧
  16. Letter to a Christian Nation (Sam Harris) βœ… πŸ“–
  17. The Rational Optimist (Matt Ridley) βœ… 🎧
  18. The Master Algorithm (Pedro Domingos) βœ… 🎧
  19. Homo Deus (Yuval Noah Harari) βœ… πŸ“– 🎧
  20. Team of Rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin) βœ… πŸ“– 🎧

Emoji Legend

  • βœ… Done
  • πŸ“– Read ebook or physical book
  • 🎧 Listened to audiobook
  • ⏸ Started, but on hold
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