Becoming Rich has been a hellish task so far!

My mind has always been searching for a get rich now opportunity and many have failed because as soon as I take one up, it isn’t long before I lose motivation and lose sight of the vision I once had that had me start it in the first place.

Girls always seemed to be a motivation for becoming Rich with family in second. Now I have a girl family is first for my motivation to get rich, primarily because they don’t live near me here in the USA. They live in the UK! And man… was I attached to them like a conjoined twin. My mum primarily, which reminds me… most guys brought up in my situation end up in poverty. I thinks it’s something like only 1 in 6 guys who are brought up by their mothers only have problems in school and end up in poverty. I had troubles in school… I might have been saved from the poverty part thanks to myspecial supporters, mum, dad, uncle and close family, along with tapes and courses by Antonny Robbins and other inspirational state changing, mind provoking leaders.

Reading “The Richest Man In Babylon”. It’s great… it’s changing my perspective. I used to be so focused on making money fast which turns out to be a big reason for me losing it! This book has been assigned to me by my Uncle and it is my task to read it once a month for a year. It really does hold some great principles.

I just lost my job at a company called LabTech due to an unprofessional Boss who really does not see the magic, potential or professionalism in his most valued employees. He needs to wipe his lenses! Will hopefully have another Job soon. Job hunting sucks!

Starting to put aside 10%+ of my earnings when I get a Job. Got to get rid of my dept first! We will see. Great book! Much advised! Is like the bible of wealth. Really!

Sean F Elias

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