Sean Michael Innis Is a Professional Salsa Dancer

Sean Michael Innis is a professional Salsa dancer based in Rome, Italy. At present, he works as a Salsa instructor in a leading dance school; where he trains people of different age groups, including — kids, youngsters, adults, and even seniors. His ability to flawlessly spin at a high speed & handily follow any lead are some of the things which have always earned him appreciation from not only his students, but also from his peers. Besides that, his excellent interpretation of music ensures that he justifies his role of a trainer.

Recently, Sean Michael Innis completed eight years in the dance academy, for which he was given a tribute by the students by organizing a special event. Besides an exhilarating dance performance by the students, a small skit completed the event. And yes of course, there was a speech by Mr. Sean, the focus of everyone’s attention. When asked to speak a few words on how his journey in the academy has been so far; he said with a big smile on his face that he is overwhelmed and can’t thank everyone enough for their support. During the speech, he thanked everyone, who is a part of the dance academy.

In addition to showing gratitude towards his peers and students, Sean Michael Innis shared some interesting details of how he got into dancing. He said, “I was born to parents from the Caribbean, so music and dance was in my genes. I loved both music and dance; however the latter interested me slightly more. I was so passionate and determined to learn dance that I would often watch my favorite dancers on television and try to imitate them. At the mere age of six, I enrolled in a dance class. There I got to know and learn about different forms of dance, which meant I could now decide which one to pursue. Soon, I realized that I like Salsa the most and began with my training in it. My parents were well aware of my inclination towards dance & always provided me their support. It is because of them that I got the chance to learn dance, to stand here in front of all of you, and be considered worthy of sharing my journey as a dancer.” Sean wants to continue training people in Salsa through the academy where he is working at present.

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