Sean Justice

A version of this piece was originally published in 2011 as “Tech Thoughts on Teaching”

Here’s a question we keep coming back to: how do skill-learning and skill-teaching interweave with conversations about ideas, history, and practice that make up art education? …

Color blocks layered on top of each other. Shades of blue hovering over warm earth tones.
A new moment of wonder on a convoluted journey.

After playing for hours in cul-de-sacs of confusion on this rainy Saturday morning, my first collection of NFT art has launched at OpenSea.

I’ve learned so much in the process. So much more to learn.

As an artist I’m searching for ways to engage with and respond to the world, a circling that in fact makes the world. We begin by reaching and by reaching we begin. This recursive gesturing is the churning sense-making from which future worlds emerge.

New ways of networking might bring new modes of citizenship. And maybe the new boss is just like the old boss. And maybe not.

Will emerging decentralizations reveal new freedoms and nurture new communities of practice and hope? That question needed naive optimism to write as well as to read.

Here we go, let’s play:

Sean Justice

Artist. Art Educator. I hold technology as a gesture, a material for play, like finger paint or cardboard. I make pictures, poetry, games, and jokes.

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