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Young kids think their parents are amazing. I was no different. But this story is about when my Mom showed a side I hadn’t seen before.

It’s about 1984. I’m 6ish. I’m confident of the timing because this story is about pac-man, not on Nintendo. This is pac-man on a mini arcade by Coleco. Before the Game Boy.

This Pac-Man brings back memories

It was an amazing game. I LOVED pac-man as much as my Mom loved Mrs. Pac-Man. I was convinced to trade with my neighbor, Patrick two trailers down, for Donkey Kong.

Then the deal went south. Patrick wouldn’t give pac-man back. I was done with Donkey Kong, and glad that I had pac-man as it was way more fun. But my Patrick wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t answer the door. I didn't have his phone number. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do.


My Mom gave me some non-timely advice. “This is why we don’t loan out our things” Thanks Mom. Big help. She then continued giving me instructions. UGH I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD “I want you to go outside and find the biggest rock you can lift” “What?” “You heard me. Go find the biggest rock you can lift” I get a nice big mud pie production worthy rock. She tells me to do the following:

  • Go to his yard
  • Get his attention
  • Ask for pacman back
  • If he doesn’t give it back, let him watch you smash his Donkey Kong to bits

I did as instructed. When I came home, empty handed, I slowly began to understand that my Mom was also quite gangster.

“Eye for an eye Sean, remember that”

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