Morning routine

Wake up 5 minutes before alarm

This really only happens when I am in bed before 10p

Go back to sleep

Because getting up for work isn’t super compelling TBH

Wake up 30 minutes later

Desire collides with the reality that I need money

Grab phone

This is all ego. It’s a nice illusion to think that, overnight, significant things happened and also require my attention.

Check texts


Check snap Hit or miss.

Sometimes there is good stuff.

Check insta

Watch an amazing artist during a time-lapse and feel terrible about neglecting my drawing ability and current skill level

Get up

Do mobility stretches

Because old



brush teeth

These are necessities that I hate. Where is my Star Trek sonic shower? I read that we only really need to shower every 2–3 days and that daily showers are a lie perpetrated by Proctor & Gamble and the Shampoo lobby.


Grab phone, keys, wallet, book bag


In silence on the way in. I need my thoughts to sort out before arrival. That doesn’t happen if I’m rocking DMX & Biggie.

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