Cards Against Humanity & Content Personalization

What Content Marketers can learn from the “game for horrible people”

Cards shown from Marketers Avoid Calamity expansion pack. More info below.

As a #1 Best Seller on Amazon for some time now, it’s likely you’re familiar Cards Against Humanity. If not, CAH is a card game that lets you choose a punchline by pairing two cards to make a phrase or a statement. The cards provoke risky combinations to fulfill the game’s promise as “a Party Game for Horrible People.” It can be a wildly entertaining game. Playing through hoots of laughter and uncomfortable groans, you learn about each person’s sensibilities and sense of humor — and your own ability to personalize content experiences that resonate and consistently set you apart.

I had a bit of a Eureka! moment making my own colorful combinations one night, finding the evening’s entertainment eerily similar to the concepts discussed in “Connecting Content Marketing Experiences” by Robert Rose. As I started thinking about it, it occurred to me that Cards Against Humanity and Content Personalization are surprisingly similar:

  • You have to understand your audience
  • You have to connect with them by delivering content that resonates
  • You win or lose while learning more about what makes your audience tick
  • You have to increase relevance and value with each round in order to stay competitive
  • You win the game by engaging your audience consistently, over time

And that’s where we can learn a thing or two from Cards Against Humanity. The better you are at gathering information and adapting, the easier it is to deliver card pairings that delight.

Incidentally, this will also allow you to tell your own story by showing how you think. And that should result in increasingly delightful card pairings the next time you get to be the Card Czar.

Ultimately, the goals are the same — score points by being chosen the most often. You do this by creating content experiences that delight, educate and entertain.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be exploring the similarities between creating Content Experiences and Cards Against Humanity, including:

  • Creating Relevant Content Experiences
  • Building Rich Profiles of Your Audience Members
  • Storytelling
  • …and even Intelligent Content

Content-Marketing Nerdy

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