Week Two SAP Internship (Software Engineering)

I had a meeting with my manager who asked me to come up with an IOT (internet of things) project idea for the following weeks meeting.

For my 3rd year project I did some research into bluetooth beacons using the ibeacon protocol. Beacons are small thumb sized dumb devices that spit out a packet of data containing an id and some information that can be used to calculate proximity on a set interval.

I like the idea of having a web interface representing a single room (think a rectangle) that displays the precise location of a mobile device within that room. Bluetooth beacons on the surface appear to have all the required functionality in order to achieve this but from what I’ve read there seems to be a number of issues that arise. The radio signals sent by a beacon are blocked heavily by peoples bodies and other objects such as furniture or walls. Aside from this, every brand of beacon appears to have varying results in regards to signal strength and accuracy. While this was a fun idea there is a lot of research left to do before bluetooth beacons can be considered a viable solution.

In the end I decided to pick up a more tangible project that was started by another engineer on the team. The idea is to use a camera connected to a raspberry pi to track the score of a foosball game. The project so far includes a small script written in python that uses the openCV library to manipulate the primary colors that are picked up by the camera. The foosball table uses a yellow ball so for starters I’m thinking I’ll assume a point is scored if the ball can no longer be seen (the net is hidden under the table). Tomorrow I’ll begin work on this — there is currently a few problems getting the library up and running.