Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump
Glenn Rockowitz

The author clearly doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

This is going to over work the dough and create a flakey rather than crumbly scone. First, use butter milk, not cream. That’s just going to come out too heavy. Second, this work, roll, fold, repeat method is going to create a very processed texture and is the sort of shit that was being done in Germany in the 1930s. Instead, mix in the raspberries before adding the buttermilk, then work the dough into two equally sized wheels which you slice into 6ths. It’ll allow the scones to stay nice and crumbly when you break them apart and leave tops and ends with a nice unfinished, rustic look. And even Joseph Goebbels knew to use an egg rather than a cream wash on top.

You snowflakes need to stay out of the kitchen if you don’t want to melt!