Dreamland :

Sometimes i dream of a fairytale life,

prince charming to sweep me away and make me his wife.

A single family home in a far away land,

a white picket fence and a fire place is all part of the plan.

Kids all playing and the dogs barking in the yard,

dreaming about all this doesn’t seem too hard.

The fresh aroma of coffee when you walk in the front door,

and by dinner time the family all eating and begging for more.

Washing all the dishes and putting the food away,

but secretly watching my husband laugh and play with the kids makes my whole day.

Kissing the kids as i tuck them into go to sleep,

him standing behind me at the doorway watching these moments i wish to keep.

The kids and dogs asleep all tucked in their beds,

then off to snuggle with my husband and rub his head.

Finally he’s asleep i start to roam the house,

breathing in every precious moment we have as it’s as quiet as a mouse.

I step outside to sit under the starry night sky,

counting my blessing every time that i try.

A creek in the porch brings my head to turn around,

my husband standing there smiling silently not making a sound.

He sits down behind me and wraps his arms around my chest,

i cant help but feel like i’m married to the best.

He tilts my head to the side and kisses my cheek,

still both sitting there silently no words to speak.

A loud noise erupts and everything turns black,

i open my eyes to see the sun shinning through the curtains behind my back.

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