Open Letter about Bill C-51

Canada’s surveillance bill which is way too close to the Patriot act for comfort.

Today’s my day of political activism, so I decided to write an email to my Member of Parliament (MP), Bardish Chagger, about Bill C-51, whose text is reproduced in the section below so you can easily adapt it for contacting your won . If writing an email is too arduous, I also signed’s petitions for against Bill C-51 and the use of Stingrays (weaponized cellphone towers that collect information).

Hello Bardish,

I am writing to you to indicate my concern about Bill C-51 and the Liberals hesitance to repeal or at least drastically amend its problematic passages. Specifically:

  • Its policies on encryption and mandatory back-doors.
  • How it allows for Malware or Spyware to be installed on citizens computers. The Canadian Government should be protecting Canadian Citizens from cyber/digital/computery threats, not enabling them!
  • Its vague language for “security threats” whose definition could be applied to legitimate advocacy and political discourse.
  • Its unclear mandate on sharing between institutions, which should limit the type of information shared, the manner it is stored and how it can be accessed.

When the Liberals were elected as a majority, I was hoping that a fact-based and rational political party would finally be in control of Canada’s future. Terrorism is a real concern, but as shown via the Snowden leaks, the policies suggested in Bill C-51 don’t reduce terrorism and end up being abused recklessly. Please heed the warnings of the organisations and individuals I trust,, Micheal Geist and Cory Doctorow.

For even more information on cyber/digital/computery policy, I highly encourage the government to consult this talk by Cory Doctorow at the University of Waterloo.

Kind regards,

Sean Aubin