A sample interface imagining what a Consent Dashboard could like where we could discover what every company knows about us.

I spent much of September working with the iSpirt folks on our comments on India’s upcoming Data Protection and Privacy bill. The full comments are here: http://pn.ispirt.in/ispirt-final-comments-data-privacy-bill/

But the most interesting thing are the UX pictures, where I’ve tried to think through what informed consent might actually mean on a smartphone, when one is being asked to provide access rights to their bank account say for the next months.

At Jaaga.in, we’ll be working in the coming year on a set of usability studies to build a multi-lingual set of interfaces (smartphone, voice-only, etc) to get confidence in a UX design that works reasonably well for every Indian adult to provide informed consent. Stay tuned….

6 Radical Ideas to Scale Youth Confidence and Innovation Everywhere


Scaling confidence and creating innovation ecosystems are key to fighting poverty and creating economic growth and yet many countries retard these goals through their education, telecommunication, import and immigration policies.

This paper thus advocates six paths to improve the bedrock of innovation…

Policy Recommendations to Catalyze Informal Sector Job Marketplaces


Rather than building informal sector digital job exchanges themselves, governments should encourage an eco-system of exchanges by lowering costs and barriers of entry and encourage a sufficient market for competing exchanges to innovate against each other — even in smaller, poor countries.

In particular, governments should:

1. Encourage the use…

The ADAO is a cryptocurrency-based philanthropy fund that supports creatives who leverage technology to advance the SDGs. The ADAO is an acronym for The Altruistic Democratic Autonomous Organization. It will issue its own currency — adacoins — with social values built into it.

The ADAO is a cryptocurrency, philanthropy fund & equity fabric for cultural and social revolutionaries

How does it work?

A significant share…

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CEO, Dara.network. Founder of http://babajob.com. Previously Marco Polo and MSFT. Dad. Believer in Tech for Good.

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