• Raheema Begum

    Raheema Begum

  • Anjali Joshi

    Anjali Joshi

    I write essays on my observations and learnings from objects, events, experiences and people.

  • Ram Chandra

    Ram Chandra

  • TradePlan


    @shakks , 2 Minutes reads ! Founder @ www.tradeplan.co , www.tradeplan.io ,www.cryptohodl.in

  • Gopi Krishnan

    Gopi Krishnan

    Senior Engineer at Einstein.ai, interested in Deep Learning and solving data problems at scale

  • Aroon Kumar

    Aroon Kumar

    Among Top 100 Global #MarTech Influencers I Digital Business Leader I Award Winning Global Marketer I Doer I Traveller I Student of Persuasion I Keynote Speaker

  • Vanjul Aggarwal

    Vanjul Aggarwal

  • Laura Neuhaus

    Laura Neuhaus

    { stylist by day | nerd by night } now: @hackdresscode previously: @harvardchsi and @infosys always: robots, india, frida.

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