Nudging Monsters to Help the Poor

Policy Recommendations to Catalyze Informal Sector Job Marketplaces


The Value of Choice in Livelihoods

Work to date

Digital Exchanges for White Collar Labor

Making private job exchanges thrive while aiding the poor: Recommendations

  1. Encourage standard digital formats for jobs and seekers. Standard formats for job seekers implies that job exchanges can easily parse and digitalize data and important consume data from other sources. In particular, standard formats would allow enable job sites to easily showcase any job seeker CV or resume sent to them in the standard format. These standardized CVs could arrive from a variety of channels, government agencies, mobile applications, agents or schools as shown below; the primary benefit is it lowers the cost of job seeker registration and makes data exchange more viable, even for informal job seekers. Conveniently, the industry has already created standardized formats for Jobs, Organizations and Candidates on that government can use as a starting point.


Appendix: Relevant examples



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