What Data Empowerment should Mean

A sample interface imagining what a Consent Dashboard could like where we could discover what every company knows about us.

I spent much of September working with the iSpirt folks on our comments on India’s upcoming Data Protection and Privacy bill. The full comments are here: http://pn.ispirt.in/ispirt-final-comments-data-privacy-bill/

But the most interesting thing are the UX pictures, where I’ve tried to think through what informed consent might actually mean on a smartphone, when one is being asked to provide access rights to their bank account say for the next months.

At Jaaga.in, we’ll be working in the coming year on a set of usability studies to build a multi-lingual set of interfaces (smartphone, voice-only, etc) to get confidence in a UX design that works reasonably well for every Indian adult to provide informed consent. Stay tuned….

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