I’m happy to announce I’ve joined Marco Polo (aka Joya Communications) to head international growth.

Here’s why

In 2017, I sold Babajob, my baby of 11 years and the endeavor I deeply believed was the best use of my potential. The last year has been one of identity seeking; it was a chance to be a better father and better husband, to write, to spend time with a few organizations whose work I admired (Jaaga — including BeFantastic.in and Dara.Network, Unifize, Harambee, and iSpirt) and figure out what new gig would give me as much meaning as Babajob did.

My thinking began at Unreasonable Goals, a unique and intimate conference where I befriended 15 other amazing social-impact focused entrepreneurs and the incomparable Unreasonable Team. …


Sean Blagsvedt

Head, Int’l Growth at MarcoPolo.me. Founder of http://babajob.com. Dad. Believer in Tech for Good.

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