Fuck Unity

Holy shit, if one more Trump supporting Republican tells me that we HAVE to be united now and that I have to accept Trump as the President, I’m going to lose my mind. Where was this kumbaya-style unity after Pres. Obama TWICE won the general while earning the majority of the popular vote both times? He had a clear mandate, unlike Paul Ryan’s claim that Trump has earned a mandate, despite not getting the popular vote. I can’t count how many times I heard assholes say about President Obama, “he’s not MY President” all while shredding him for his lack of experience. Not even kidding, I still had someone YESTERDAY tell me, in defense of Trump’s lack of experience, that Obama was “just a community organizer” before becoming President. No shit. I was also a dog walker when I was 12, but I didn’t make the jump from dog walker to my current job. There were many jobs in between, garnering me a vast amount of experience. I don’t think you can judge my ability in how I do my job today based on how I picked up dogshit 28 years ago. And in case you need a refresher — Pres. Obama was a community organizer AND a Constitutional Law professor AND a two term Illinois state senator AND a United States Senator. But yeah, fuck me — that doesn’t count as real experience. But in response to that, the GOP selected a candidate who has reality TV experience, sucks at business and has a serious personality disorder that prevents him from being remotely honest or ever filtering anything that goes from his tanning bed-fried brain to his gaping maw of a mouth. Oh and he’s also an idiot that doesn’t understand how foreign affairs, domestic affairs, the global economy, taxes and businesses work, who happens to be endorsed by the KKK and alt-right movement. So yeah, good call — that’s the guy, with his terrifying lack of any experience or willingness to learn, that we really need to get things back on track. The KKK is such a unifying and inclusive organization, to boot.

And lest we forget the other Obama issues that were so crucial and scary to America:
“He’s a Muslim” — No. He actually goes to church on Sundays, not for a photo op for his Christian base, but because he’s really a Christian. He’d also probably be able to quote a passage or two out of the Bible while never referring to 2nd Corinthians as “Two Corinthians.” 
“He was born in Kenya” — Thank the President-elect for that gem. Apparently, Hawaii was annexed by Kenya at some point over the last 50+ years, because I was so certain they were still a part of our union. 
“He’s a terrorist” — Yeah, total self loather, though, since he killed bin Laden and scores of ISIS leadership. 
“He’s a socialist” — Sure, but he’s the worst one ever, since the Dow is at record highs, corporations have never been more profitable and income has gone up.

And despite these outrageous claims, none of which bore any fruit, just like him taking all of our guns, or setting up FEMA death camps, or creating death panels in Obamacare, or invading Texas under the guise of Jade Helm — he also had to deal with the most obstructionist Congress in our history. When President Obama needed to nominate a SCOTUS justice, the GOP flipped out saying he was going to pick someone too liberal. And that if he had any class or bipartisanship, he’d nominate Merrick Garland, who the GOP universally lauded. Well, he nominated Garland and the Senate wouldn’t even give the guy a hearing. Didn’t need to confirm him, mind you, but would not even give him a hearing because apparently, a President’s lame duck status now starts 3 years into his term. That’s a bit of good news, though — I guess Trump’s reign of terror will be over at the end of 2019 and not at the end of 2020.

Now Trump is supposed to be universally supported even though he lied nonstop, had Russian help in hacking Hillary’s and the DNC’s emails, suppressed minority voters (proudly, and as an actual campaign strategy) and still received 400,000 less votes than Hillary? Get the fuck out of my face with that shit. On top of that, in this election, Trump intimated the vote was rigged and that he might not concede if he had lost. What? So Republicans get to be petulant, tantrum throwing infants and we liberals just have to accept that and smile through gritted teeth in the interest of American “unity?” We have to (again) be the grownups and just say we’ll let bygones be bygones, so Trump can reign unfettered and unencumbered by opposition to his insane policies? No. Thanks. After all this horrifically, blatantly racist, disingenuous, radical partisanship, the GOP and Trump supporters think we all need to be united under President Trump. That’s hilariously, insultingly naïve. Nope, not me. He’s not MY President and never will be. For all the right-wing folk preaching unity and healing of our divided country? Eat an entire bag of dicks, you insufferable fucking hypocrites.