Luckily the socialist society’s were such a huge success : Stalinism, Maoism and the success-story…
Michel Kerger

And then check out Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, or Sweden for modern thought out versions of socialism where it’s not communism, but it’s controlling certain sectors for social benefit. The US is already partially socialist, that’s what Social Security is, and it’s a decent working system despite what the naysayers tell you. It makes a few assumptions that may not be ideally true, but they’re small enough to be compensated for. A lot of people are just suggesting that health care should probably also be socialized because a profiteering system doesn’t have your best health in mind, it has your worst health in mind, that’s how they improve their stock price. It’s been necessary to fix the problem for 50 years now, and just recently it’s become a crisis. In the next 20 years education will be the bigger problem because we’ll have fixed the health care problem. Some industries just need to be non-profit, because improving people cannot be in their profitable mandate.

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