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Dude yes, your hair is ridiculous, but that’s America in a nutshell, where you are free to do whatever ridiculous thing you want to do with your hair or your life as long as you aren’t inconveniencing others. Fortunately we also have the freedom to tell you what to do with yourself. Like James we are often wrong, like Trump some of us often lie, and like you we occasionally empathize. The only thing we as Americans have in common is that in our speech, our ideals, and our appearance, we’re all different. And in that difference we are all the same and looking for the same things, and we spell those things out in our laws to protect each other from ourselves for the continual improvement of our society. Some people think it was perfect 60 years ago, very few of those people really understand what’s actually changed since then. Most of us still see lots of issues and some of us even see issues that we have yet to experience. Fortunately for all of us though, the ridiculousness of someone’s hair is not a problem that we need to really spend any time on. Rock it bro.