Assignment 1A writing

Ezra Stoller famously created architectural photography capable of turning the 2 dimensional nature of a photograph into a 3 dimensional perspective through his striking use of shadow and light to highlight various aspects of the architectures form and figure. By meticulously selecting his perspective and shooting environment, Stoller was able to portray architecture as something more, something that appeared more striking and audacious than reality, an effect which I attempted to emulate in my photographs whereby I shot my photos in as close to an environment to the ones Stoller as possible in order to bring emphasis to the effect of shadow and light, however I was unable to obtain a shot with water reflections in the same effect as Stoller’s work as it did not rain at any of the suitable times to take the shot. Additionally, within Stoller’s enchanting style of photography, he framed his photographs in an environment absent of other people or obstructions in order to create a more simple and elegant portrayal of the architecture by having it be the only element present in the photograph, as well as this he also utilised a black and white scheme to further highlight the effects of shadow and light, both of these I attempted to emulate in my work by shooting early in the morning while the streets were empty and by taking my photos in the same black and white scheme


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