A Week Without Caffeine

Photo by Alex Jones

My focus lately has been on adjusting my habits to improve my body, mind, and spirit in a way that directly supports the purpose of my life.

One such habit I’ve held for the last decade was drinking coffee every morning—that’s a habit many of us know well. It wasn’t in large quantities—maybe 12oz per day on average—but it was enough to make me contemplate the benefits.

Drinking coffee (caffeine) to get the day started is a habit without substance. It’s closer to an addiction than a daily routine. After all, caffeine is a drug, filling the body up with manufactured energy for a short period of time. Because of its fleeting effect, some drink it all day to keep their energy up.

This reliance on caffeine felt like an empty habit to me. It was time for change. At first I attempted to depend on independence. I switched the drink of choice up every day. Some days it was coffee, other days decaf coffee, and occasionally no coffee, just a cup of tea.

After a few weeks I decided to try no caffeine for a longer stretch of time. And for the last week I have started each day with a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

And guess what?

It’s no big deal.

Sure, some days I’m a little more tired than others, but so what? Being tired is natural and there are natural methods to keeping the body and mind alert (which I’m very much still exploring).

(To be fair, if you drink a lot of coffee, stopping altogether may be difficult. Caffeine withdrawal is a real thing. Weaning off may be a better approach for you. I simply wasn’t drinking enough each day to experience anything more than a little tiredness when stopping abruptly.)

If I’m able to keep this up for awhile, my next step will be to eliminate coffee altogether. To replace it from the daily routine with a naturally energizing substance that will more closely align with my purpose and goals.

But to be fair, I’m not going all vegan-or-whatever on caffeine. I already don’t drink soda because of the sugar and calories (and I think diet soda is disgusting). And I have nightmares about energy drinks. But I’ll still drink a cup of coffee from time to time, when I feel like it’s appropriate.

But I want it gone from the daily routine.

Because it’s really no big deal.

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