Why do I Have an iPhone?

Photo by Redd Angelo

I take this $650 device with me pretty much wherever I go.

It’s a beautifully-designed piece of equipment that many cover in some obfuscating piece of plastic because the phone itself is so fragile. I choose to carry the phone as it was designed—case-less—and I pay $15 per month in insurance to cover my ass when I inevitably crack the screen.

This means that after a two-year period, this tiny piece of hardware will have cost me more than $1,000, which is less than I paid for my Apple laptop—a machine that actually helps me earn money.

Why? Why do I spend $1,000 every two years to have this thing?

Is it because of the apps it wants me to use (the ones I can’t delete)? Almost certainly not.

I use the built-in apps for the settings, photos, and communication. Everything else I’ve put in a folder (an archaic organization method) which I named Trash. There are 15 apps in my Trash folder because I can’t delete them.

  • I don’t use Mail, I use Inbox.
  • I don’t use the Calendar, I use Google Calendar.
  • I don’t use iTunes, I use Spotify.
  • I don’t use News, I subscribe to The Skimm (among other sources).
  • I don’t need a weather app because I have a browser and can just google cincinnati weather, or if I’m at home I can yell, “ALEXA, WTF IS THE WEATHER TODAY?”
  • Why is there a Stocks app?
  • What the hell is Tips for? Tips, presumably. Tips for a phone I know how to use.

And I love my MacBook Pro. It’s what I use to do actual work. And with Slack, email, and iMessage, it’s how I typically communicate throughout the day.

So why do I have an iPhone?

Is it because I’ll be excommunicated from my group of friends the first time someone sends me a text message only to see my name and, subsequently, the bubble, turn green?

Is it because my text messages and phone calls get forwarded to my computer and I don’t actually have to use the phone during the day?

Well, no, these aren’t good enough reasons to keep paying this kind of money. But what’s the alternative? A different $650 device from Google?

Why do these devices cost so much? Why is it there never seems to be enough storage? Why am I expected to be brand-loyal over the color of a text message?


Why do I have an iPhone?

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