Why I Write Every Day

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I’ve been forming a daily writing habit for the last six weeks. I set a goal to write at least a couple hundred words every day. But that goal was superseded by another—to publish at least one article per day. And for the last six weeks I’ve written and published on all but a few days.


I questioned my new habit as I read Linda Caroll’s latest article, Do you write for money or attention? Two sequential paragraphs stood out to me in this article:

A habit is a behavior you do over and over without thinking about it. Like going to work because it’s what we do. Not examining habits is how years go by without getting any closer to your dreams. And then you die.
I write here every day to build a new habit. Sharing my thoughts and musings instead of hoarding them. Who knows where it will lead. 
Maybe to money and attention. lol.

Look, I already have too much to do. I’ve yet to be paid for writing. Attention-building would be awesome (and I’m getting a little of that), but like I said, I’m busy all the time, I don’t need the attention.

I write every morning because it’s a powerful way to start my day. I don’t sleepishly drag myself to my computer and start my real job without thinking about it. Writing forces me to stop before I start the day. To consider what’s inside my head, and to find a way to communicate that to someone who wants to listen.

And in just six short weeks I’ve published more than a few articles on topics I would never have considered unless I’d taken the time to stop, think, and communicate.

If this effort leads to money and attention, so be it—I’d welcome that with open arms and hungry bank accounts. But that’s not the motivation. My motivation is about maintaining healthy mind. Anything that occurs in excess of me making the time to organize and make sense of my thoughts and feelings is a bonus.

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