Will you please stop saying “It’s just business”?

Photo by Kimson Doan

We’ve all heard it:

It’s just business.

This phrase frequently precedes unpleasantness. I find the Urban Dictionary definition quite poignant:

A term used in business or in other large organizations. If this term is used on you, then you are about to get fucked over in a such a way that will almost destroy you. Usually used by supervisors to their subordinates or can be used in peer to peer conversation.

The term is a mask used to downplay subsequent unpleasantness. It’s not cool. There is often a better way to explain the reasoning behind one’s actions.

Being a business-person doesn’t give you the freedom to be an ass. You still have a responsibility to be a good person. Be nice to those you work with. You don’t have to love them, you don’t have to be friends with them, but you ought to be pleasant.

And yes, the path to success is dark and scary and filled with uncomfortable conversations. To succeed in business you’re going to leave others behind. But while that may be part of being in business, it’s not the cause for your actions.

Toughen up, and be honest without being mean.

Because it’s not just business. There’s more to it.

So stop hiding behind this meaningless phrase and be a better person.

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