Time for leadership and effective communication.

Most individuals and companies are in a holding pattern waiting to see how Brexit will impact them. The inclination to wait and see is as natural an instinct as fight or flight.

However, fighting this temptation is perhaps one of the factors that will separate companies that will prosper and those that recede. Some industries are moving faster than others, as reported in The Financial Times today”

“Big four” professional services firm KPMG has created a “head of Brexit” role and has given Karen Briggs, one of its senior partners, the task of leading its work advising clients on the effect of Britain’s vote to severe ties with the EU.

Developing a position of leadership in your sector or community will help to maintain focus in your organisations and drive loyalty from your customers. Over time this will help companies to assume market share, maintain stable turnover and to develop new opportunities.

The opportunity to assume this role in your industry vertical is time sensitive and worth investing in. Creating memorable, sharable visual content should be front and centre for ops, marketing, customer service and sales.

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