So Long, Apple.
Mister G

I’ve been a Mac user for almost 25 years now — since System 6! — and I too find myself on the brink of switching to Windows 10 completely and the main thing for me? Touch. Several years ago I bought a Dell XPS 12 “convertible” so I could have a tablet for casual Internet consumption but with enough power and a real keyboard that I could do some real work too, if I needed it. Apple had nothing equivalent in a single device. Apple still has nothing in a single device (no, the iPad Pro will not run my JVM-based server software that I need for doing “real work”). In fact, Apple just confirmed, in discussions about the Mac Pro, that they have zero plans for touch-enabled computers: they think people should buy an iPad Pro as the touch-based extension to their desktop computer. Er, no. That’s what drove me to the Dell in the first place! The Dell came with Windows 8 (which was… “OK”) and I updated to 8.1 and then 10, as part of the Insider Program (and Fast Ring builds). I now run Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop on my Mac in “coherence” mode so Windows applications mix freely with Mac applications. Microsoft Edge is my browser of choice, Windows Mail, Slack, and all my day-to-day “office” stuff. I use the Mac side purely for development right now — and, somewhat ironically, Skype for Business for video conferencing at work. But the next desktop will be Windows 10 with Ubuntu from the Windows Store (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and a touch screen.

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