How the new pass button works

I think the pass button is a terrible idea- it will be a negative force in the world… frankly, it’s bad enough that this site has become a ‘hot’ or ‘not’ system not unlike your most popular competitor (rhymes with “hinder”)… Your data scientists have developed an extremely elaborate series of personal metric s— — unfortunately, it has often been said that a profile picture is worth 1,000 words- in my personal experience your bio and social graph are virtually meaningless. You are in fact playing with peoples emotions —[and very cynically, in order to make a profit]— you’re keenly aware of the notion that every human hopes to find love and/or a place to belong….at first you were peddling the notion that [**only, if you’re attractive] you could find love or romance, but instead you have degenerated in a class-based multi-tiered club— rather that no problem, you’re now explicitly stating the heartbreaking fact of rejection. I consider this a form of ethnic cleansing… you are not encouraging people to improve, you’re encouraging them to give up and settle for less because that’s presumably also more lucrative … you are peddling a false idea and IMHO you are going to cause many people to reduce their self-worth with perhaps sense of self worth . Even the term ‘ill pass’ is a suggestive coment, I would urge you to strongly reconsider… my time on this site is coming to an end,

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